Mad Mixer

Maddie (Madds) Defino
Art Director

Starting off as an intern for Calvin over ten years ago, Maddie has been changing the creative landscape as a member of The Stand from the jump. In her love of designing and creating, Maddie mixes things up – embodying our commitment to creative excellence.

When she’s not at The Stand, Maddie continues with the creative flow in music. If not on the ivory keys, playing music by ear, she can be found in her happy place, the aisles of the closest Target. Day-long shopping sprees with the amazing women in her life and chocolate martinis with friends can’t be beat for Maddie. Her truest love is spending time with family and friends.
Without Maddie’s fresh outlook, The Stand wouldn’t be where it is today. Everyone needs a little mixing, and Maddie’s got us shaken, stirred, and ready for whatever our clients request.

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