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Rooted in our gifts in creative marketing and technical applications, The Lemon Ad Stand exists to help you achieve your goals. Inspired by our children’s request for a lemonade stand, we saw the need for something fresh in our community. Whether you are a start-up, a family-owned business or a well-established brand with over 100 years of traditions, our mission is to help you make the world sweeter. 

When our services help you, it’s a privilege to have done our part. We believe in our clients because, once you are a client, you are family.

Executive Squeezers

Calvin B Jackson II

Founder & CEO/Main Squeeze

In the third grade, Calvin was called to the Principal’s office for having too much money in his pocket. He had been selling hand-painted ceramics to the other students. An entrepreneur was born. Though he loves painting, he feared being a starving artist so he channeled his creativity to the digital arts.

After growing and developing his management skills at a few different agencies throughout Chicagoland, it was time to step out and launch his own agency. The Lemon Ad Stand is a wordplay on an actual stand he built for his daughters to grow their own business.

When Cal isn’t working, you can find him working….seriously, he’s always working. If he’s promised you something, you can trust that he’s making it happen. While sitting in the waiting area at Tae Kwon Do or gymnastics, he’s working on what he promised. Rest assured that he puts the laptop down to coach a girl’s basketball team and when his girls need “Papi time”.

Vanessa Jackson-Lopez

Co-Owner, VP of Sweetness, Marketing, & Communications

In the Summer of 2006, Vanessa let Calvin know she would never leave corporate America. There was no place for her in the stress of a small business. The universe had other plans, and here she is, managing the lemon puns of this wonderful company. Of all her responsibilities, her favorite, by far, is writing the e-blasts.

Despite how terrible her handwriting is, Vanessa has been writing stories, poems, and staple-bound books from an early age. Her love for vocabulary and language rivals only her love for peanut butter cups. This romance with language drives her love for communicating across various mediums. Sometimes Vanessa gets pulled away from Excel docs to write copy for an industry she doesn’t know a lot about, and those assignments are even more exciting than the e-blasts.

In her free time, she sleeps, preferably without dreaming, which she finds disruptive. When not sleeping, she’s wine tasting, preferably red wine, which naturally leads to sleep.

Grace Greene

Project Manager 

We love nothing better than a strong referral and that’s how we found Grace!  This gem of a project manager came to us a from a designer friend – who we’re planning on poaching – so you know she’s amazing. Grace is on board to bring her love for deadlines, and client care to ensure we’re sweetening the world on time and on budget.

Maddie Defino

The Madd Mixer / Art Director

Starting off as an intern for Calvin over ten years ago, Maddie has been changing the creative landscape as a member of The Stand from the jump. In her love of designing and creating, Maddie mixes things up – embodying our commitment to creative excellence.

When she’s not at The Stand, Maddie continues with the creative flow in music. If not on the ivory keys, playing music by ear, she can be found in her happy place, the aisles of the closest Target. Day-long shopping sprees with the amazing women in her life and chocolate martinis with friends can’t be beat for Maddie. Her truest love is spending time with family and friends.
Without Maddie’s fresh outlook, The Stand wouldn’t be where it is today. Everyone needs a little mixing, and Maddie’s got us shaken, stirred, and ready for whatever our clients request.

Maddie Defino at The Lemon Ad Stand

Dr. Christopher Petty

Director of Instructional Design and Education Services

Dr. Christopher Petty leads our instructional design team and is our house expert on educational services. We define instructional design as the process by which learning products and experiences are designed, developed, and delivered. These learning products include online coursework, instructional manuals, video tutorials, learning simulations, and more. Dr. Petty implements a systematic process to develop education and training programs in a consistent and reliable fashion. With every education-based client, he participates in an analysis of learning needs and stated goals that will then lead to the systematic development of an instructional delivery system to meet those needs and reach those goals.

Aside from being The Lemon Ad Stand’s educational juggernaut, Dr. Petty hosts all of our team Summer pool parties at his Overbrook Estate. He works hard and balances it out with well-deserved playtime at the end of the day.

Lauren Cheesemen


Ask anyone at The Stand about Lauren and they’ll say, “she’s cracking jokes in polka dot pants.” Stay sharp because she’ll shock you with a hilarious zinger when you least expect it. Based in ATL, Lauren is an artist whose superpowers include impeccable attention to detail and a can-do attitude.  A hardcore 3 on the Enneagram + a member of far too many food loyalty programs, when she’s not working, you’ll most likely find her singing, showing people pictures of her golden retriever – Wallace, trying new restaurants, and traveling just about anywhere. She’s a sucker for a good Target or Costco trip – but is always open to trying new things + embracing new adventures. 

Sara Cano-Gerringer

Account Manager / Market Zester

Fellow Dominican Alum, Sara Cano-Gerringer answered her phone when Calvin called, on a whim, looking for a translator. That translated into our Market Zester coming on board. She loves helping businesses grow, using her energetic and accomplished bilingual executive project management experience, along with her successful track record of capitalizing on growth opportunities, using her analytic skills.

When she isn’t taking a shift at The Stand, she likes spending time with her family, exploring local spots, traveling, and cooking. She is inspired by her family and, when she can, she enjoys her favorites; smooth mezcal and grape leaves, only made using her grandmother’s famous recipe.

Our Market Zester brings a positive attitude to everything she does, and lightens up our glass daily. Sara is simply the zest!

Jarrie Harris

Recipe Guardian

In desperate need of calm, Vanessa remembered Jarrie’s refreshing spirit. In one chat V asked her to quit her job and come work for The Stand. Two weeks later, we gained our Recipe Guardian! Jarrie brings a spirit of tranquility with a splash of fun and a twist of encouragement through the way she keeps us organized and light.

Beyond The Stand, she continues her role as a recipe guardian, cooking and baking delicious meals. When she’s not crushing her daily water goals, she enjoys a nice glass of coffee in the mornings and whiskey in the evenings. When life gave her lemons, she made a revitalizing citrus scrub because, to her, skincare is equivalent to healthcare.

Look to Jarrie to have the challenging conversations and be comforted, because the key to an awesome recipe is to remain light, airy, and consistent.

Mariestel Salas

Lemon Cookie

Mariestel was discovered by Vanessa at very young age, somewhere between 4 & 5. She was the original artist, always sketching and ripping paper into paper mache, before either girl knew what it was. One time Mariestel provided a suspect sketch to a police officer (this is actually a great story, call us we’ll tell it to you). Needless to say, Mariestel & Vanessa go way back, so she was an obvious addition to The LemonAd Stand.

Today, Mariestel serves as our Accounts Receivable Department.  She’s matching invoices to checks – it’s a big deal! In her free time, she works out to balance out her fascination with beer tasting. If you need kettlebell strategies or suggestions on an IPA, Mariestel is your go-to.