Main Squeeze

Calvin B. Jackson II
CEO / President

In the third grade, Calvin was called to the Principal’s office for having too much money in his pocket. He had been selling hand-painted ceramics to the other students. An entrepreneur was born. Though he loves painting, he feared being a starving artist so he channeled his creativity to the digital arts.

After growing and developing his management skills at a few different agencies throughout Chicagoland, it was time to step out and launch his own agency. The Lemon Ad Stand is a wordplay on an actual stand he built for his daughters to grow their own business.

When Cal isn’t working, you can find him working….seriously, he’s always working. If he’s promised you something, you can trust that he’s making it happen. While sitting in the waiting area at Tae Kwon Do or gymnastics, he’s working on what he promised. Rest assured that he puts the laptop down to coach a girl’s basketball team and when his girls need “Papi time”.

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