Recipe Guardian

Jarrie Harris
Administrative Assistant

In desperate need of calm, Vanessa remembered Jarrie’s refreshing spirit. In one chat V asked her to quit her job and come work for The Stand. Two weeks later, we gained our Recipe Guardian! Jarrie brings a spirit of tranquility with a splash of fun and a twist of encouragement through the way she keeps us organized and light.

Beyond The Stand, she continues her role as a recipe guardian, cooking and baking delicious meals. When she’s not crushing her daily water goals, she enjoys a nice glass of coffee in the mornings and whiskey in the evenings. When life gave her lemons, she made a revitalizing citrus scrub because, to her, skincare is equivalent to healthcare.

Look to Jarrie to have the challenging conversations and be comforted, because the key to an awesome recipe is to remain light, airy, and consistent.

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