VP of Sweetness

Vanessa M. Jackson
VP of Marketing & Operations

In the Summer of 2006, Vanessa let Calvin know she would never leave corporate America. There was no place for her in the stress of a small business. The universe had other plans, and here she is, managing the lemon puns of this wonderful company. Of all her responsibilities, her favorite, by far, is writing the e-blasts.

Despite how terrible her handwriting is, Vanessa has been writing stories, poems, and staple-bound books from an early age. Her love for vocabulary and language rivals only her love for peanut butter cups. This romance with language drives her love for communicating across various mediums. Sometimes Vanessa gets pulled away from Excel docs to write copy for an industry she doesn’t know a lot about, and those assignments are even more exciting than the e-blasts.

In her free time, she sleeps, preferably without dreaming, which she finds disruptive. When not sleeping, she’s wine tasting, preferably red wine, which naturally leads to sleep.

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