A1 Plus/Dasya

A1 Plus/Dasya

Brings equity to learning support services by sourcing subject matter experts as tutors.

The Vision

Bringing a philanthropist’s vision to life.

Lemon Ad was fortunate to partner with DASYA when it was just a thought. We listened to its founder and brainstormed a name, a strategy, and a plan to bring this platform to the public.

The Solution

A bright brand and a very friendly application.

Lemon Ad developed the logo, each icon within the logo, and the brand colors. For the software application, we conducted a market discovery, developed the user experience, interface designs, the eighth grade curriculum, and built the back end of the application.

The Results

The world is a little sweeter.

Dasya’s mission aligns perfectly with our own. We are proud to have developed a strong brand, two informative websites, and an application designed to foster real change in the world.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy | Web Development | SEO | Software Application