One of the world’s leading food service brands with more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

The Vision

Developing and refreshing branded internal communications.

We developed seven icons that represent McDonald’s Corporation’s sustainability focus points for the corporate office to communicate with franchisees. These icons appear throughout additional handouts, presentations, email signatures, and a variety of other marketing pieces.

The Solution

Vibrant Icons.

Playing within an iconic brand is so much fun! Adhering to established brand standards while manipulating a mark as recognizable as a Big Mac is a designer’s dream. The playful icons served to engage franchisees in a culture shift at McDonald’s as they launched their sustainability efforts.

The Results

Engaging communication.

Iconography is a universal language. It does not require translation, making it an ideal solution for communicating across various regions. These icons support critical information and afford savings in time and translation.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy | Print Design