Anchor Church

Anchor Church

Offers an array of opportunities for every disciple to grow in relationship to Jesus Christ through dynamic weekend worship services and church-wide special events.

The Vision

Manifesting the team’s vision.

Partnering with pastoral leadership, Lemon Ad is charged with listening to ideas, conceptualizing, and designing visions into contemporary and engaging graphics to bring vibrancy to each biblical study.

The Solutions

Bright colors and ’80s-inspired graphics.

Anchor Church is home to energetic leadership that appreciates bright colors and modern elements to bring a youthfulness to scripture. Lemon Ad has created infographics, posters, palm cards, and annual reports to connect directly with the congregants and guests.

The Results

Vibrant and engaging designs.

Congregants have experienced directional signage and vibrant sermon graphics that help support the Pastor’s message.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy | Print Design | Logo Design