Ankosa Boutique

Ankosa Boutique

Strives to bring you the latest in fashion looks, great quality apparel, and superb customer services. Here, fashion begins with you.

The Vision

Launching a fashion line!

The Stand was privileged to partner with Ankosa at inception. We were charged with developing the brand, logo, iconography, and e-commerce website.

The Solution

The mark of a high-end international fashion boutique.

As a brand, Ankosa invokes the essence of design and requires a strong icon, classic typography, and an organic essence, represented through a simple leaf and shades of brown. Lemon Ad is proud of the geometric icon, the elegance of the “AKS”, and the subtle sexiness of the brown, nodding to the softness of silk.

The Results

A sleek and sexy brand that has catapulted to instance success.

The brand elements were the basis for a sleek and user-friendly website. Ankosa’s website is built on a third-party e-commerce platform to afford the owners ease of use.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy | Print Design | Logo Design | Social Media