Website Dev

Web Design
& Management

Long gone is the impact of a cardboard sign on the side of the road. The World Wide Web is where we search for our business partners. Stand out above your competition with a strategy for engaging web design & management.

Your website is much more than a recognizable URL and a call to action. You need compelling visuals, keywords to drive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , analytics to track your site’s traffic and relevant updates to keep clients engaged.

The LemonAd Stand provides comprehensive campaigns that include:

Creative CopyWriting
from your URL, Page Copy & Blog Posts a cohesive tone enhances your brand

Compelling Design
industry focused user experience & imagery (UX/UI) to engage users

the best coding platform for your site to achieve optimal performance

page speed, UX/UI, Keywords, Alt text and a few other proven strategies to optimize your site

identify and track your users’ habits to drive compelling marketing strategies

Management Plan
creating fresh and relevant content is critical for long term user engagement