Since the mid-nineteenth century, advertisers have been working to pervade your psyche. Early advertising came through newspaper and magazine ads. Today, advertising is everywhere: the train station, your inbox, text alerts and, of course, the 5 second delay to your favorite cat video.

How can you break through all the advertising noise inundating your target audience?

Send a tangible message

Touch is the first sense you developed. By shocking the senses with a physical marketing piece, you distinguish and elevate your brand.

Create and deliver compelling printed marketing and advertising pieces that your clients can hold, turn, flip and bend.

Why is print worth the investment?


You can create a printed piece as small as a business card or as large as a ceiling banner. Finishes have evolved beyond gloss. The variety of textures and finishes can add stunning dimensions to your piece.


Printed marketing materials are an additional element to your campaign. Use printed materials to complement your digital strategies. While a customer may notice a 15 second video spot online, sending a mailer increases brand awareness and the campaign message.


With the price of digital marketing as low as $5 a day, investing in printed materials sets your brand apart. Quality design and enhanced print options deliver luxury to your clients. Provide proof, in hand, that your brand is distinct.

EarthColor was seeking a means to educate clients on how to properly set-up files for their premier print finishing service, Scodix SENSE. We created an itemized accordion folder to house tips, techniques and guide specs. The client will receive a new insert to save in the folder as new tips and strategies develop. Because the kit is delivered to creative departments it conveys a high level of design aesthetic and functionality to distinguish the Earth Color brand.

Chef Paul Virant’s sales team needed an effective way to promote their event space to potential clients. We created a uniquely sized trifold sales kit at 7″ x 8.5″, which comfortably fits in the recipient’s hands. Each pocket in this folder is branded to support each one of Chef Paul’s 3 ventures. The success of these ventures all rests on the reputation of the chef, so we made Paul the star of this piece by highlighting him on the cover and inner panel.

Creating a full marketing/advertising campaign requires a multidimensional approach to reach your audience. If you’ve been looking for ideas to cut through the digital noise, we suggest you consider the power of print to get in touch with your clients.