Set to 20/20 Focus

It’s not just a New Year, a New Decade is upon us. Beyond a resolution,  you and your company need to set a 20/20 Focus. Poise yourself to converge and overtake the market with updated branding and marketing strategies to align with your 20/20 focus. 

•    Review your company culture, call your office as a potential client
•    Refresh your logo and business cards
•    Brighten or mute your brand colors
•    Print branded note cards, consider the lost art of sending letters
•    Minimize the pages on your website

•    Visualize where you (your company) will be in 2030
•    Reprioritize your current strategy to align with your new goals
•    Set deadlines for each task associated with the execution of the goal
•    Engage your network, check LinkedIn for experts and connectors
•    Launch and continue to review

As you examine and focus, The Lemon Ad Stand is here to cheer you on and partner up. Lets put our creative juices to work and squeeze the decade. As your creative partner, we’re here to help you attack goals, challenges, and strategize to make this new decade your best yet.