Widely recognized as one of the premier personal injury law firms in Chicago, The Kelly & Ignoffo Law Group has earned this distinction not only because of success in winning tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients, but also through the personal, individual approach dedicated to each case.

project focus: full Brand development

In partnering with Kelly & Ignoffo, we were tasked with creating branding for a premier legal team. While we greatly enjoy creating the full spectrum for a brand, there are specific opportunities when creating branding for a premier legal team in Chicago. From the logo to the website, we were committed to using design and user experience to distinguish this law group from others. The Kelly & Ignoffo website has served as our token site, establishing us as Chicago’s premier law firm website designers.


In creating branding for this premier legal team, TLAS focused on creating a brand that distinctly exemplifies professionalism. The logo design was the first phase of the brand development. For the Kelly & Ignoffo logo, we opted for a legal-esque font, which pays homage to the trusted ‘Law & Order’ logo. The light, thin font is balanced by the strong presence of the ampersand in a blue block, connecting and emphasizing the two names in the partnership. The Kelly & Ignoffo website helped to establish us as Chicago’s premier law firm website designers. 


Managing the development of the entire brand included the coordination and execution of a photoshoot to drive the welcoming style of the site’s imagery. Being a Chicago-based firm, the attorneys are situated in front of the iconic Chicago River, smiling and in a relaxed pose, to affirm how inviting they each are. There are several photographs of the attorneys throughout the site, as they are so critical to the brand. Potential clients who visit the website receive a warm welcome from the attorneys’ friendly faces. The strategy of creating a welcoming site was developed from inception and is evident in the photography, the second phase of the brand development.


The website home page focuses on three key elements: the hero image of the attorneys, the call to action, and the user-focused menu. Notice that two of the key elements of the web home page impact user experience. If an individual is searching for a personal injury attorney, there may be a sense of urgency; therefore, the firm’s phone number is immediately visible in the upper right-hand corner. Potential clients in a less dire circumstance may opt to click through the menu, which will lead him/her through the categories that are most pertinent. The user’s ability to find desired information immediately from the homepage will impact click rates and drive the site’s SEO over time. As you search for the ideal law firm website designers, take these key features into consideration.      


With the goal being to create a brand that distinguishes Kelly & Ignoffo the inviting imagery, clean yet bold logo, and user focused website emphasize the firms’ focus on being client centered. This site has served as the foundation for our growth as Chicago’s premier law firm website designers. 


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