socially authentic

Esteemed as a social media think tank, Socially Authentic serves to revolutionize how individuals and groups maximize on social media outlets. In an environment where individuals easily develop bad habits and negative thought patterns, Socially Authentic exists to change that norm.

Flourishing from her extensive experience and years of teaching social media strategies, Tracy Samantha Schmidt has developed renowned programing and exercises designed to empower users to optimize their social media presence.

project focus: full brand development

The LemonAd Stand (TLAS) was fortunate enough to be recommended to Tracy, just as she was beginning to brainstorm her vision for Socially Authentic. This allowed us to own the full brand development, which included logo design, corporate stationary and web design and development.  


In creating the logo for Socially Authentic, we spent some quality time speaking with Tracy about her goals for the company and her target market. Clearly understanding her target market was critical as we determined the font choices and sharpness of the logo. Tracy was determined to use the color black in her branding so we opted for a white logo, to properly contrast the black. 



The baseline of the A is emphasized to establish that this brand is grounded and confident in itself. Socially is a lighter font because being social is fun while being authentic is bolded to highlight the power of authenticity. The S & A are intertwined to signify the company’s expertise in understanding the importance of these concepts relying on each other. There is limited value in being social if you aren’t authentic and the letters in this logo, like the relationship, rely on each other to function effectively. The clean fonts are evident throughout the full brand development, as they continue in the business cards and the web development.


Web Development

Operating in an ever changing environment, such as social media, it is necessary to have the flexibility to evolve with your industry. Tracy’s primary goals was the ability to make quick changes and updates to her site. This allowed us to create a clean and professional design, while emphasizing editable spaces.

Tracy was consistently being exposed to new social media experiences and websites which continually inspired web updates. This is where TLAS had the most fun! Working with a professional, so vested in her media outreaches and online presence, allowed us the ability to continually refresh her sites’ aesthetic and functionality.

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