RebL Fit is a lifestyle; a philosophy focused on nutrition and fitness. Becky Dastrup, created RebL Fit to encourage individuals to, ‘become who you are.” In partnership with Becky, individual training plans are created to meet each client’s needs.

TLAS developed a creative partnership in 2014 to develop a new website. Since then we have provided creative direction on multiple marketing initiatives.

project focus: strengthening tech in fitness

In 2015, when Becky launched her fitness center she was was referred to TLAS for a new website. That website launched and she quickly set her eyes on engaging her clients through other media outlets. We’ve partnered with Becky as Art Directors during photo and video shoots, which live on her website.


In partnering with Reb-L-Fit, we are continuously challenged to exercise and strengthen the power of tech in fitness. How can we engage individual clients through their personal devices and meet them wherever they are? In some industries you push the envelope, in fitness you put up more weight and train harder. With that philosophy we’re sure to strengthen the power of tech in fitness.  There are very few professional services that can’t be accessed digitally and ReBL Fit will not be left behind.

As Reb-L-Fit’s creative partner we have developed the company website as well as continually serve as creative consultants during video and photoshoots. Since 2014, has evolved to meet Becky’s needs. When access to specific types of workouts, equipment or trainers are updated, the site is updated accordingly. The most relevant updates come in the form of informational videos.

The videos serve as web updates which boost SEO but more importantly encourage clients to remain engaged online, even when they can’t be in the fitness center. The videos are ‘shareable’, allowing clients to serve as brand ambassadors as they invite their own friends to learn from Becky.

We are currently partnering in the development of a fitness app. Together with Becky we’ve gauged the value and are investing in strengthening the power of tech in fitness.

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