enzee boutique

Enzee promises to provide unique, one-of-a-kind products to women that make them feel confident and empowered. For nearly 15 years, Enzee has provided the latest fashion trends and wardrobe essentials to customers.

project focus: Brand update

Owner of Enzee and friend of The LemonAd Stand (TLAS), Natalie Zysko has devoted her life to exposing women to their true beauty and to fashion. Over the last 15 years, TLAS has partnered with Enzee in several marketing initiatives, including email campaigns, gift card designs, and, most recently, a logo refresh. 

Natalie’s commitment to remaining relevant in a consistently shifting industry fortifies our partnership. We serve as creative consultants on branding and design initiatives. Our most recent project involved refreshing the logo (which we encourage) to align with the brand’s focus on philanthropy.


As Enzee evolves to meet the needs of consumers, we strive to lead the evolution of fashion branding through sleek and relevant designs. When partnering with Enzee, our first priority is to create initiatives that align directly with the clientele. Enzee prides itself on providing client-centered experiences, which manifest through clean and simple marketing messages with a feminine flair.


In the latest iteration of the logo, we were tasked with a modification to align with the incorporation of philanthropy into the business model. This ‘redefinition’ of the company philosophy is signified by the brackets encasing the original logo, which is a nod to the traditional layout of a word in a dictionary. The addition of the N outside of the bracket signifies that ‘enzee’ is a noun, but more subtly pays homage to Natalie, the boutique’s owner.  Most obvious is the addition of the new tagline, “where fashion meets philanthropy’.  

original logo

While subtle updates to the logo were fun, our most significant contribution was providing the logo in various formats for use across multiple platforms. Small business owners bear the onus of ensuring brand consistency across marketing strategies, which can be difficult if your logo isn’t accessible in different formats.  In this specific instance, the enzee logo has black letters, making it impossible to use on a dark background. As a full service design team, we understand that your needs will vary and provide logos in every format and variation you may require.

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