Mars Hill Baptist Church

Since the very first service on August 25, 1963, Mars Hill has served the people of Chicago. Growing from a small church to a medical center and even as a school, the mission of Mars Hill has always been and remains to turn the unchurched into fully devoted followers of Christ.

project focus: brand management

TLAS serves as the brand managers for Mars Hill Chicago, consistently driving congregation engagement through harmonious design strategies. Over the last 17 years, our creative direction has included a logo refresh, design of pillar icons, event campaign development, design of promotional items, signage, decals, and the development of sermon series supporting visuals.


In refreshing the Mars Hill logo, a sans serif was used to transform the iconic ‘m’ and ‘h’ into an independent symbol of simplicity for use across diverse mediums. The words, ‘Mars Hill Baptist Church’, are a serif font, to maintain the essence of the original church font.


The pillar icons, ‘worship’, ‘relationships’, ‘growth’, ‘service’, and ‘generosity’, were created to specifically introduce actionable initiatives across the church. TLAS illustrators designed individual icons to serve as infographics, capable of standing independently and being decipherable across many mediums, and even languages.


Creativity radiates through the design team when charged with designing supporting visuals for a sermon series. These visuals are often promoted online in advance of the sermon series, driving congregation engagement online. Once the series launches, the visuals are used on the weekly bulletin, as well as throughout PowerPoint presentations to maintain continuity of the message over a series of weeks.


When creating event campaigns, TLAS partners directly with an internal brand ambassador to understand the goals for the campaign, color schemes, and platforms of distribution. Some events include marketing collateral, such as t-shirts, postcards, e-blasts, and social media distribution. Designs are produced in formats for use across all platforms, and are often printed to meet the needs of the Mars Hill community.

TLAS continues to focus on driving congregation engagement through the use of relevant and harmonious design elements.

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